Trips: Tanzania and Zanzibar

June 2022

During the summer of 2022 my mom and I took a trip to Africa. The trip was 3 weeks long, and consisted of several safaris followed by a 5 day stay on the island state of Zanzibar. It was all booked off of the Signature Safari from Thomson Safaris, with the added Ruaha, Selous, and Zanzibar extensions.

The trip was incredible, I ended up taking about 10,000 pictures during the time we were there. Take a look at some of my favorites! All of these pictures except for one were taken with my phone. The pictures with a circular black vignette were taken by mounting my phone to binoculars with a $20 attachment from Amazon, the rest were with just my phone.

The entire trip was made possible by my mom. She saved money for years to pay for the "Trip of a Lifetime", and it was all worth it. We had been talking about the trip for several years, and had been seriously planning it for the last year. We talked about what extensions to add to the trip to make it as exciting and unique as possible. And in the end, it turned out to be better than expected. Thank you mom!